Sunday, February 20, 2011

1. Introduction

     Trends are interesting things. Under inspection, they appear to be the public declarations of our behavior and interests being reduced to a series of patterns. You would think that in our individualistic society we would be more hesitant to accept and follow trends, but that is not the case. And this is a good thing. Now is not a time to hoard the tools of your taste, or the weapons of your identity, but to share what you enjoy, and the reasoning behind it. It is important to advocate and champion what you consider quality, for the art of criticism has fallen from its professional perch and into the hands of the hobbyists, who provide all the more lenses to filter the worthwhile from the mediocre. I am, and always have been, an avid consumer of most media, and feel that I possess the eloquence, knowledge and articulation to properly report on some of my interests, whilst being entertaining, and hopefully, ultimately, am able to transfer my appreciation to you, dear reader. My palate is vast and varied, for I listen to and watch what could be conservatively called a fuckton of material. In the coming reviews, if you have:
-a point you'd like to get across or argue
-an artist, album or film to recommend, or
-glowing words of praise, feel free to comment. All of my opinions are temporary, concocted from an amalgamation of first impressions, last impressions, and all impressions present in between. My only request is for you to substantiate your argument or point with reason and passion. Maybe even soul. You excited? Shit, I know I am.

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