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6. Album Review: Brotha Lynch Hung-"Dinner And A Movie"

     I love concept albums. I also enjoy serial killers. Some high-octane human drama, right there. So naturally, I enjoy Brotha Lynch Hung. BLH made a name for himself in the early 1990's, drawing controversy because of his role as a hardcore, horrorcore, serial killer/cannibal/rapist. His 1995 album, Season of da Siccness is some brutal shit, and you should check it out if you like vomiting and losing respect for humankind. It's one of the creepiest and most atmospheric Hip-Hop albums of all time. Lynch's latest album however, Dinner And A Movie, trumps Season of da Siccness in every conceivable way. 
     Following the exploits of the Coat Hanga Strangla (Lynch), who is wreaking havoc upon some fictional town, and the police department pursuing him, this album is cohesive and well realized. It listens like a full-blown horror film, with tons of visceral skits and disturbing visuals. Chocked with killer production, stupendous guest verses from Tech N9ne, First Degree the D.E., G-Macc and Krizz Kaliko, AND Lynch's best lyricism to date, Dinner And A Movie is haunting, sentimental, humorous, sadistic and apparently, the first in a trilogy of concept albums, which makes me want to hop in a hyperbolic chamber until the next album's release, so that my floors won't be soaked by my anticipatory drooling. 
1. Interrogation (Intro)
     The Coat Hanga Strangla is in the box. The cops are anxious, as he's about to confess and elaborate on his past crimes. Thusly, the majority of the album is told by flashback. Segue into first track. 
2. Colostomy Bag
     BOOM. This is how you start an album. He's dropping multis around like they're going out of fashion. I probably shouldn't be re-listening to this before going to sleep.
Memorable lines:
"I drop logs, nigga shittin' like diarrea
You get the butcher knife to they eyes if you try to see him
Either that or my bitch see you right at the club
Put the whop de wop in your mug and your grave's dug"
Whooo, boy. This is going to be rough. 
3. D.O.A.
     I can't get over how fast this chorus is. The beginning of the second verse is an instant classic. Such a great flow. A creepy, sterile beat that reminds me of hospitals, prevails throughout. 
Memorable lines:
"I don't know
I just spit that shit, like I do coke
(You do coke?)"
Why not?
4. Fuck Off (Skit)
     I haven't heard a skit like this since Eminem's first few albums. Angry record label agent tells Lynch to go fuck himself. Funny.
5. Sit In That Corner, Bitch
Just kidding. 

     Not for the faint of heart. Lynch has a serious imagination. I can almost smell what's happening in this song, it's so descriptive. A beat that feels like Little Nemo in Slumberland on salvia; spacey, disconnected and totally cool for kids. The run in the second verse is notable. 
Memorable lines:
"I'm in the kitchen with the Itaca, rippin' your bitch's britches
And bitchin' to get you to split the guts
Outta my mouth, I'ma get that outta my house
By cooking it and eating it and then I'm shitting it out"
6. I Know Who Did Dis
     Shit just got real. The brass arrives upon the scene of a Coat Hanga Strangla murder. They realize what they're dealing with. 
Art Show Exhibits.
7. Murder Over Hard
     A classic cannibalism joint. Lynch drops some bits and pieces about his complex relationship with murder, and how it brings home the bacon. His lecherous lisping of "I love to eat skin" is ridiculously sinister, as this is obviously an individual who enjoys his work. The beat sounds not out of place within this scenario: you've been mortally wounded, and as you're being raced to the nearest hospital by emergency services, you lay dying on the gurney, and the mixture of the screaming ambulance sirens with the DMT pumping through your brain create a frightening, but familiar droning as you go the way of all flesh. It's ominous, to say the least. 
Memorable lines:
"I don't really want to cope with the Lynch-is-falling-off shit
I'm putting bodies in bags, and hauling off shit
I'm in the lobby with magnifiers and y'alls kids
I'm 'bout to burn 'em, you better come out and watch this"
8. G (Skit)
A recording involving "fucking repellant". 
I don't care who endorses it, Speed Stick sucks. 
9. I Tried To Commit Suicide
     It's odd how the inclusion of children can make songs like this so much more powerful. A mournful piano, low choir pads and the hyperventilating gasps of a man on the edge carries Lynch as he narrates the thought process of a man about to do the dutch. With personal examples, this track ranks among B.I.G.'s "Suicidal Thoughts", with regard to the subject matter. 
Memorable lines:
The demonic whisperings commanding Lynch "don't think about it, just do it", the racking sobs, the sound of the gun barrel smacking around in his mouth. 
10. Split Personality
     Lynch really needs another hobby.
Like crouching.
Beware the dope beat.
Memorable lines:
"When the light's on, human meat's all over the room, blood all over the room
Sickle psycho, sickle cell anemia just light up the ooze"
11. Meat
     Shit, I don't think I can even cover this. Man up, Eric. Alright, so Lynch drops one of the most heartbreaking tracks I've ever heard over a defeated-sounded, despairing piano loop. Properly layered with some bass, pads and sounds of thunder, the music matches perfectly this dismal look into Lynch's personal life as he speaks on barely being able to feed himself and his son, all the while trying to reestablish himself as a prominent emcee without succumbing to violence. 
Memorable lines:
Pretty much the whole song, but specifically:
"You can't be like me, 'cause I'ma fuckup
And if we both fuckin' up, you gon' be just like me
It's gon' be a tight squeeze, we can get through this
You my 'lil nigga, so nigga we gon' do this
Shit, I can count it on one hand
Old as I am, I can still count it on one hand"
Who needs a drink.
12. Siccem
    Opening with what sounds like the interruption of an intense masturbation session, the haunting strings and gunshot-beat drop with Lynch doing his thing. First Degree returns and goes batshit, with every inflection-heavy line sputtering from the wetness of his delivery. G-Macc spits a solid verse, and we're audi. This reminds me of ODB.
Memorable lines:
All the crazy shit going on the background. Gasps, gags and response.
13. Don't Worry Momma, It's Just Bleeding
     This may be my favorite track on the album. Lynch tears this shit up like he's got a mission statement. Tech comes in, and the similarities and influences between he and Lynch are very easy to see. He also tears it up like he's got a mission statement. I just re-learned that phrase the other day, so I'm trying to solidify it in my memory. The chorus is fantastic. Operatic and nostalgic. The creeping strings work so well. 

Memorable lines:
Honestly, the namesake.
"Don't worry Mama, it's just bleeding." 
14. The Police Is Here Ama Hit U Bacc
     Possibly the worst ebonics text I've ever seen. Anyway, the cops pull over and question the Coat Hanga Stangla. 
15. I Plotted My Next Murder
     Some epic production, this instrumental needs to be playing over something appropriately grand. 

In other news, Lynch kills some people. 
Memorable lines:
"I separated myself from most homies
'cause my enemies started out to be close homies"
16. Nutt Bagg
     A sweet beat that needs medals, pins and trophies. The chorus is doing it. The vibe is fresh, right when the album was getting a little monotonous. The kind of song you do a sad strut to and gesture wistfully with your hands.  
Memorable lines: 
"I'm in the rage, I didn't get paid
Now my life's stuck in the cage
I stayed with the same block in the gauge
My light's burning and I'm turning the page
Anybody that face me, I get 'em filleted 
Layed in the shade with a bag of 'nades"
17. High Speed (Skit)
     A high-speed pursuit takes place between John Q. and our "hero". 
18. I Heard That Song B4
     Lynch comments on his West-Coast influence, and he has a valid point. Solid beat, solid guest spots. Skraight up. 
Memorable lines: 
At some point a "Uzi"-"Boobie" rhyme is made. 
19. I Hate When Niggaz Get On The Phone When They Around Me (Skit)
     Lynch must have finally seen all my fanmail requesting for him to tackle this cell phone shit that's been going on. Also, this is the recipient of the "Best Song Title of the Year" award. 
20. Anotha Killin'
     Snoop gets in on this one with one of his best verses in recent years. Not that there are many to compete with. A neat beat keeps it grooving for this last full track. 
Memorable lines:
When Lynch shouts for out a dead homie.
"I'ma crack a beer for my nigga. It's aight though, I'ma pour it out for him. Not in the studio, though. 's a fuckin' rich-ass studio."
21. Ama Catch Up (Skit)
     The police seemingly close in on the Coat Hanga Strangla, and a lot of caps are busted, hammers cocked and locks popped. 
22. We Played You Like A Violin
     Our story come to a close. 
Worth the time?
     I would totally spend money on this album. Lynch has obviously worked his fingers to the bone on this record, and it shows. Also, I feel like he deserves the money, and I hope he gets plenty of attention. Not to mention most of the songs are pretty outstanding. Also, check out the videos for Meat, I Plotted My Next Murder, and Colostomy Bag. He's got attitude. Serious love to Strange Music for bringing this guy back. 

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